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President Greetings

Mr. James Cho

Today is a day of celebration for KAYAC. Our website is undergoing a renewal signaling a rebirth of our organization.

We live in an age of digital revolution. Much of our everyday life is influenced if not dominated by artificial intelligence, computers, internet, and smart phones. Previous paradigms that have moved the world are being replaced by new ones. The tech revolution continues whether we like it or not and we must be ready to embrace this change.

The youth living in the age of change need to ignite their passion and hunger for the new and brace themselves to contribute to the exciting developments that greet them. We need to foster in our youth the passion for creativity — to embrace new ideas and values so that they can add on and continue the movement towards the unknown and advanced rather than accepting the present as it is.

Before one can develop a mindset for change and creativity, however, one must be sure of his/her identity. ‘Who am I?’ is a critical precursor to knowing ‘what and how’ one will go about achieving his or her goals in life.

KAYAC has successfully planned and executed the Motherland Excursion and the Forum event exhibiting the talent of KAYAC students and alumni for the past twenty years. We do this so that our youth can find their roots and strengthen their identity. As an organization, we have suffered through times of crisis as well as enjoyed the thunderous applause of Forum participants and audience celebrating our success and accomplishments. At this point, we have successfully graduated 1,200 students from our program and we can confidently announce that we have become an officially recognized cultural education institution.

KAYAC will not rest upon its laurels and just continue as it has before. We will reach new heights to become a renowned and reputable Korean organization that will continue to evolve, grow, and influence. We are ready for the journey. We hope you will join us.

With thanks,

James Cho