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President Greetings

Mr. David Kwon


Since I sent my first child to the 13th KAYAC excursion trip to Korea, I became more involved with the organization. I now have the great honor to become the next President of KAYAC. I truly thank all the board members, the parents, and related people who have contributed to our organization and who have also given me the opportunity to serve as president of KAYAC.

We have learned through the COVID-19 pandemic how connected the world is, both in its problems and successes. The global community cannot be divided into continents or countries and cannot be divided into a few developed countries or many underdeveloped countries. In this time of crisis, we have realized how important it is for our second and third generations of Korean-Americans who grew up in the US to realize their identity as Koreans and to be instilled with self-esteem as a minority that will lead the US.

KAYAC recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, which also marked a leap forward to our next 20 years. We will give our utmost effort in not only fulfilling our mission of instilling Korean-American identity through existing programs, but also in establishing a KAYAC alumni network for the 1,400 students who participated in the excursion trips to Korea during the past 20 years.

Once again, I thank you for your continued support.


David Kwon